5 Android apps that can kill your smart phone


Come to think of it, Android apps that enhances the functionality of your mobile device, improve the looks and feels of your device, and even helps you carry out lots of tasks. Then how can they kill my device? Nice question! We all rely on apps on our smart phones isn’t it? they are also killers (I love using that word). When I mean killers, they’re liable to terminate your smart phone.

Though, installing and running apps on your smart phone is just like a normal cup of coffee you take in, but be careful of kind of apps you install on your smart phone.

Here am going to show you 5 Android apps that can kill your smart phone.

Mistakes most Android users do is that, they believe any app on the play store that has over 1 million downloads are worth installing, But no! you might see lots of apps that might draw your attention, you then see lots of positive review and you downloaded and start running the app, you love the app as it function exactly the way you want, but what you don’t know is that, they have secret campaigns you can never catch your eyes on.

At the end of this article you’ll be able to keep your smart phone safe and practice a self encryption.

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Heads up! The list below are 5 popular Android apps that can harm your device.

5 Android apps you should stay away from

Below are the list of 5 Android apps that can kill your device.

1. UC Browser

Really unbelievable right? UC Browser is on our first list because, it’s a very popular web browser used by millions of people around the world.
UC browser is also the most popular web browser in China and India. This browser claims to save your data usage and a “fast mode” browsing.

Why you should avoid UC Browser

Tracking. Your search queries will be sent to Google, Yahoo, India without encryption. Your geolocation data will be transferred to an Alibaba Maping Tool (AMAP) without encryption, also, Umeg will receive your IMEI number, Wi-Fi Mac address and your Android ID which will build a string effect on your smart phone.
What then should you do to avoid all these risks? Use an alternative browser. Crome and Firefox are the best option for you.

2. Clean Master

Yet another popular speed booster app that also comes with a battery saver feature.
Clean Master is widely used by millions of people, the fact that it has over 60 million users with 26 million five star reviews. Due to the usage of this app it really hurt your smart phone? Let’s find out!

Reasons you should avoid Clean Master

Do you know this app is made by cheetah? Cheetah is well known as a popular ads packer, nag screens, and integrating of Bloatwares into their apps.
The good news is that, Android has already developed it’s native handler for assigning RAM load, to improve performance. Clean Master doesn’t do anything useful as Android have its own handler to be used in an optimal way.

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3. Photo Collage

Oh! This is one of my favorite app back then, to customize texts, backgrounds for images, it’s pretty cool, but it can hurt your smart phone.

Reasons to avoid Photo Collage

Photo collage interrupts your smart phone with lots of ads, it also places a DU quick charge ad on the lock screen.
What should you use instead? There are lots of photo editors out three, Pics Art and Snapseed are the best option for you.

4. Music Player

This is just a mere music player that plays audio files on your smart phone. Will this app really hurt your smart phone? Yes, this app can terminate your smart phone.

Why you should avoid Music Player

Music Player consume your data plans and destroys your battery. Most reviews of this app on google play, reports consumption, data being consume and they also complain the app drain battery. Aside from harming your battery or the data usage, Music Player has alot of ads.
What should you do? Lots of alternatives are out there, Google Play Music and Boomplay are best options for you.

5. ES File Explorer

ES file manager is one of the most popular file explorer app. Many years ago, it use to be a good app. The fact is that it can destroy (kill) your device.

Why you should avoid ES file Explorer

ES file explorer endlessly nags you to download additional apps via notification bar pop ups, the free version also include Bloatware and adware.
What should you do? Look for an alternative, Total Commander and FX File Explorer are the best option for you.

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The list above are the 5 most dangerous Android apps you should never attempt installing on your smart phone, if you already have them on your smart phone, I suggest you instantly delete them out of your smart phone.

How to secure your smart phone

secure your smart phone

Am going to show you some ways you can secure your smart phone from dangerous apps.

  • Always review an app before installing it on your phone, once you see an app you like, turn around and look for what people are saying about that app. Don’t just look at the reviews on theplay store, visit the web, do a little research about the app before installing it on your phone.
  • The best way is to turn on app permission on your smart phone, if your smart phone gives you a warning about a particular app quickly remove that app.
  • When downloading an app from a third-party site, make sure the app is secure, 53% of dangerous apps are from third-party sites so avoid them.
  • Always update your Android apps, apps with latest versions are more secure, constantly check for an outdated apps, the best practice is to automatically update your apps,  you can turn it on by visiting the play store.

Hope you enjoyed this article? Please kindly share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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