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Best Alternative to Google Analytics, Gmail, and Google Drive

We are going to discuss about the best Alternatives to google analytics, gmail and google Drive.

Truly Google is one of the most trusted brand by billions of people all over the world. Apart from Google search engine, there are lots of other features. Google products improve the functionalities of the internet, and makes life easier.

You can see variety of google products such as google photos, google map, google calendar, google Drive, gmail, in fact they are very many.

As mush people are addicted to Google products, many of them may not even be aware that something more worth than the particular Google product they are using even exist.

Here today am going to show you Alternative to these three google products, (Google Analytics, Gmail, and Google Drive).

Right now lets view some reasons why Google Alternative products can improve your experience.

Why you should use Google Alternatives

We all know how Google has been improving user’s experience by releasing new updates, building apps, offering different types of services. Using Google products in all of your projects, is pretty nice but not actually a good idea, you want to know why I made that comment? Now think about the recent closure of the built in messaging feature on YouTube that was shut down by Google.

How would you feel if you don’t have any other messaging app in your device, it will be very disappointing hur? That’s why using an Alternative products will help reduce your chance in losing important activities, also sometimes help you in some technical difficulties.

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I always do research on alternative products then, use my comparing tricks to find out the one that’s best for me. Sometimes you just have to try out other products and see what they have to offer you.

Now let me show you the three best Alternatives to Google Analytics, Gmail, and Google Drive. You can give them a trial as they all work fine according to my research.

The three best alternatives to google products

Open Web Analytics, is the best Alternative to Google Analytics. Open Web Analytics is an open source web analytics software. Like google analytics, you can also use Open Web Analytics to track and analyze how people use your websites, and applications. You can set up to five custom properties on all tracking sessions, action events, page views and many more.

Open Web Analytics also perform live view that automatically update themselves when tracking new events, up to 20+ dimensions, you can filter data contained in any data table displayed on any report through GUI.

When it comes to tracking, Open Web Analytics has loads of features that will make tracking of your site performance more easier. The juicy part is that, its absolutely free, you can try it out.

Looking for best gmail alternative? Yes Prontmail does the job for you.
Prontmail is a secure email service, developed by former CERN scientist. Prontmail is based in Switzerland, Prontmail also have the ability to protect your privacy, send and receive messages direct in your inbox. If you need a more secure and convenient mail service, Prontmail is just for you.

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We mostly like to use Google Drive to store our files, photos, videos, even documents so we can easily access and share them anytime, but did you know there’s another platform you can get all these done? Oh yes, Own Cloud is another best alternative to google Drive. With Own Cloud you can easily store your files, contacts, calendars and access them from any device.

Own Cloud, is a free and open source to operate without cost. Own Cloud works exactly like google Drive, editing of online documents, contact synchrozation and lot more, with Own Cloud, you can get better control over your files and data security. We recommend you try Own Cloud.


These are the three alternatives to google products. Hope you like this article? If you have any questions about this article you can leave a comment below.

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