Easy tips to make money with WhatsApp

Easy way you can make money using WhatsApp.

You often use WhatsApp in messaging your friends and families, staying updated and joining lots of groups. But you can actually make huge amount of money online using WhatsApp. Wait am I Kidding or what? No! Am going to share with you three effective ways you can make money from WhatsApp.

What you need to Make money using WhatsApp

As we all know making money online involves a good amount of audience, in every business online or even online stores without audience it won’t be successful.
If you are planning to make money using WhatsApp, you need a lot of audience to make huge amount of money. You can do so by having alot of contact list, join groups that have sufficient members.
Now let me show you how you can earn money using WhatsApp.

Three ways you can earn money from WhatsApp

1. shortlinksADF

If you are looking for the easiest way to make money on WhatsApp, shortlinks is actually easy and the most popular way you can earn money from WhatsApp.
What is shortlink?
Shortlink are shortened url or links to a page or posts. The best platform to use Shortlinks on WhatsApp is ADF, with ADF you can earn earn lots of money, let’s see how to use ADF Shortlink to make money on WhatsApp.

How to set up ADF

  • Step 1- Create an ADF account
  • Step 2- Visit any website and look for the best contents your audience will love to read or any information they will likely to know about
  • Step 3- After finding the content, copy the link
  • Step 4- Then login to your ADF account and paste the link to shorten it
  • Step 5- Copy the shorten link and share it on your WhatsApp groups and contacts.
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And that’s all, each time someone click the link, they will view some ads before the original content or information you share, that’s how you make money from ADF. With ADF you can earn earn lots of money on WhatsApp, you can get your cash when you reach the minimum of $5, they have different types of payment you can choose to withdraw your money. Visit ADF

2. Ysense

Another way to earn mone through WhatsApp is Ysense, Ysense is a survey website that will pay you to complete surveys, play games, watch videos and more. When you sign up for Ysense, you will have a referral link to earn commission when you refer your friends to Ysense.

How to set up Ysense

  • Step 1- Sign up for Ysense
  • Step 2- Complete survey
  • Step 3- Copy your referral link
  • Step 4- Share your referral link on your WhatsApp groups and contacts.

That’s all with Ysense. The more people you refer, the more bonus you get. Ysense is a fast paying platform to earn money from your WhatsApp, on Ysense you can get your payments in different methods depending on your location, its up to you.

  1. Affiliate linksJumia affiliate program
    Maybe you’ve already heard of affiliate marketing, and same goes to affiliate links on WhatsApp. To be honest with affiliate links you can earn unimaginable cash only if you are ready to put an effort, in case you don’t know what affiliate marketing or affiliate links is, affiliate is all about referring customers to a particular product and earn a commission. That means when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate links, the product owner will give you a commission.
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Amount of money you earn on WhatsApp with affiliate links depends on your efforts and techniques. So bear in mind that, when using affiliate links you need to filter out the best products your audience will love to buy.

How to set up Affiliate links

To get started, sign up for an affiliate program. There are lots of affiliate programs out there but we are going to use the best affiliate program in Nigeria which is jumia affiliate program.

With jumia affiliate program, you can earn up to 11% commission on every sale. Steps to get started.

  • Step 1– Visit jumia affiliate program, then Sign up
  • Step 2- Choose a product to promote
  • Step 3- Copy the link
  • Step 4- Share it on your WhatsApp groups and contacts
Note, you will be paid according to the sales you made from your link.
Now you can easily make huge amount of money from your WhatsApp. If you still have any questions about making money on WhatsApp, you can leave a comment below.

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