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Finally Amazon Launches Music HD with high quality audio streaming

Amazon finally launched high quality music service. Amazon Music HD is now one of the most streaming music platform which intending to compete with music leading platforms like Spotify and Apple.

On September 17, Amazon launched Amazon Music HD with an offer of N4,676.40 ($12.99) per month for prime members and N5,396.40 ($14.99) per month for everyone else, also you can add it to your existing Amazon Music subscription for additional N1,800.00 ($5) per month even if you’re a family or individual plan subscriber.

Amazon has officially entered the lossless sound wars with more than 50 million HD songs and hi-res audio 24bits and sample rates up to 192kHz without the assistance of MQA.

Amazon, with an existing of around 30 million users compared to other streaming services offering lossless tiers like Deezer with 7 million subscribers, Tidal with 3 million subscribers and Qobuz with 0.2 million subscribers.

Although the new HD tier will see Amazon music move a good number of people away from lossy streaming and back to the uncompressed lossless audio that marked the CD era.

At launch, you can try out Amazon Music HD free for 90 days with the option to get both download and streaming options for the high quality music. In comparing, Tidia charges N7,196.40 ($19.99) per month for its lossless plan, while Qobuz charges N9,000.00 ($25) per month for 24-bit streams.

With other streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music are only able to offer compressed files but Amazon is the only handful of companies that offers high quality FLAC streams.

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As Neil Young stated,

Earth will be changed forever when Amazon introduces high quality streaming to the mases


Amazon says that it’s Music HD will play the highest quality audio the customers device and network condition is compatible with. The service is compatible with variety of devices including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Select Echo devices and Desktop.

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