How to find your Facebook URL using a Mobile Phone or Computer

Facebook url

Easy steps on How to find your Facebook URL using a Mobile Phone or Computer

A Facebook url also known as a facebook link can be required in some cases. Are you trying to figure out what your facebook url is? Or you want to know what facebook url does? This article is for you.

If you are using a mobile device or a computer, you can easily figure out what your facebook url is. Before we get into details let’s figure out what facebook url is and why your facebook url can be of help to you.

What is a Facebook URL

A facebook profile url is a link assigned to your profile. Your facebook profile url will make it facile to get in touch with you without using a search box or other search engines.

If you have a website or member of other social networks, you may need to link your facebook profile url. Linking your facebook profile to other social networks may also boost your visibility to others, if have a facebook fan page or a Facebook group, you will also find it helpful by sharing the links to others.

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Why you need to know your facebook profile url

Social media gives access to self promotions unlike using paid advertisement, maybe you have a Portfolio that has services to render, sharing your profile url on it will enable clients or visitors get in touch with you easily by clicking your profile url.

How to find your Facebook profile URL

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To find out your facebook url, follow this easy steps.

Step 1 using mobile phone

In this step, your facebook app won’t be needed. Open your preferred browser (Crome,  Firefox, Opera mini, Safari etc.) Sign into facebook using your account details, next, click on your profile tab at the top right corner, once you’re in your profile, copy the link. To copy using your mobile phone, on the screen long hold the the link you want to copy and paste it anywhere on your on your smart phone and that’s all, you’ve successfully figured out your facebook profile url.

Step 2 using a Computer


If you are using a computer, launch your preferred browser and sign into facebook then hover to your facebook profile page and hold down “Command” + “C” on your Mac or “Ctrl” + “C” using PC keyboard to copy it to your computer. To paste it somewhere else you can hold down “Command” + “V” on your Mac keyboard and that’s all.

How to find your Facebook page URL

To be able to share your facebook page outside facebook, you also need your facebook page url, it’s very easy all you need to do is, launch your Facebook mobile app or on your computer, navigate to your facebook page and click the pencil (edit) button and move to user name section. Note that, by default facebook uses a long url, you can change it by creating a username, you can set it to match the name of your facebook page.

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After creating the user name you are set, just open your browser and add your username at the end of (example; your Facebook page will open. You can simply share the url anywhere.

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