How to publish your app for free

Hi guys! right now am going to share with you how to publish your app for free without spending $0.00.

After going through all the hard work building your app, designing, customizing, now you want to publish it so people can download your new app.

Most people got frustrated when they saw Google requested a $25 (N9,012.50) fee to publish their app on google playstore.

If you want your app to be published on google playstore, you have no option than to pay the sum of $25. But what then can you do if you can’t afford to pay google due to low budgets? If you have a low budget and unable to pay google $25 to get your app published on google playstore don’t worry, in this article am going to show you what I did when I also experience this.

With ease I wanted my app to be published on google playstore, I was frustrated when I came across google telling me to pay for a developers account, let me show you what I did and even got more downloads than I expected.

Although google is one of the best publishing platforms with over two billion active users, there are lot of appstores where your app can even perform more better than google playstore.

These are the list of appstores I use instead of google playstore and they all perform excellently. Guest what? They are all free, so let’s go!

Free app publishing platforms


Slideme is the best alternative to google play, Slideme offers a free developer services to anyone who creates an account, they also have lots of features, one of the feature I like most is the Slidelock, Slidelock is a tool to protect your application.

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Slideme also supports in-app billing and you also earn 70% if your app is a paid app. Slideme is one of the best publishing platforms, Creating an account on Slideme is lightly fast, you can start uploading your apps once you’ve created your account.
Click here to create an account on Slideme.

2.Amazon App Market

Amazon app market is one of the biggest appstores where you can upload your apps for free, as a developer, you can upload your apps as free or paid on amazon app market, uploading your app on amazon app market will also spike in downloads.

Amazon has alot of features that will make using of the platform a good idea, on amazon app market you can also upload web apps, and lot more. Another stuff I enjoyed using amazon app market for my apps is their review process, it typically take less then 24 hours for your app to be reviewed unlike other appstores that will spend up to seven business days.

To get started with amazon app market click here. is another free app publishing platform, which is operated by Cnet who owns the sister site at, is a very wild publishing network that has alot of features, which makes it the best free publishing platform for new developers with low budgets.

With you will be able to upload apps, ebooks, PC softwares and lot more. The fact is that when you upload your app on, they will automatically appear on Upload your app now on UPLOADE.COM click here.

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Aptoide is a free app publishing platform where developers distribute their apps, although it prefers only Android apps market, Apdoite has about 1 billion apps downloads.

You can create a free developer account and start publishing your app, you’ll also get 70% revenue share if your app is a paid app.

The platform also entitles you to monetize your app, distribute and to promote your app worldwide.

If you are looking for a better free publishing platform, Aptoide is a good way to start.
These are list of appstores that really works for me and I hope they also do the same to you.

There are many other free appstores out there you can frankly try. See below for few lists.

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If you are having any questions about this article or need any step by step guide, you can leave a comment below.


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