Pixel 4 got new updates and improved face unlock

Google pixel 4
New updates on Google pixel 4

New features has been added to pixel 4 during the new update. Google included new features with improved face unlock, T-Mobile eSim support.

During this month, google declared that rather than customary Android Updates, pixel 4 devices will get a “Pixel highlight drop” to flaunt new features.

Pixel 4 now support double recurrence GNSS so it can follow two satellite flag on the double from Galileo or GNSS. This new update likewise accompanies an improved face open that can help remember you better.

Getting this new features in your grasp, you would now be able to enact your device without the physical conveyance of a sim card, you can likewise utilize the eSim with a physical sim to get calls and messages from numerous numbers. It additionally bolster Dual Sim double Standby (DSDS).

The way that Google didn’t gave any insights concerning this new features however it’s a decent start for pixel 4 users.


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