Secure your online transactions with PayGital

Looking forward to online transactions, buyers are scared of buying products online. Unlike other trusted brands like Google, Amazon marketplace,, etc. they are widely trusted by billions of people around the world. Buyers are likely to buy any product from those sites because, they trust them.

As a business owner, don’t just think any customer can buy product on your website, why? Due to the rate of fraudulent, buyers will mostly get what they want on websites they already trust. So what should you do then?
Now online transactions made easy with PayGital payment gateway. With PayGital you can easily build great trust between you and your customers.

We’ve been talking about PayGital, what does it really do to help secure your online transactions? Let’s find out!

What is PayGital?

PayGital is one of the best Africa Payments services provider, its an online escrow providing secure payment gateway for both buyer’s and sellers.

How does PayGital works, and how will it provide a secure transactions

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You already know what PayGital is, let’s find out how it works and how it can secure both the buyers and the sellers.

When the buyer and seller agrees on a price of a product, the seller will generate a PayGital link and send the link to the buyer, the buyer will then make payment through the PayGital link and the funds will be sent to PayGital escrow.

After a successful payment, the seller will instantly send the product to the buyer, when the buyer receive the product successfully, then PayGital will now release funds to the seller.

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What I like most about PayGital is that, the seller won’t receive any money until the buyer confirms the product also the buyer won’t receive any product without successful payment. This prevent the buyer from buying a fake product and it also helps the seller receive its money in full.

How PayGital can help buyers

PayGital is fast and reliable due to our personal experience, PayGital can help buyers secure their money safely without being scammed, or buying fake product or making other wrong payments.

Buyer’s who use PayGital for making purchases online are considered secured, because your money goes to PayGital first, so in case you didn’t receive your product you can collect your money back safely. With PayGital, many people are able to buy products from social media and other stores online.

How PayGital can help sellers

Any merchant/seller integrating PayGital as payment gateway on their website are considered secured, it helps improve trust between you and your customers. It can drive more sales to your products.

How to get started with Paygital

You can start using Paygital by signing up on their website, to sign up for Paygital click here.

You can now secure your online transactions using PayGital.
If you have any questions about PayGital you can leave a comment below.

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