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Target on Scanning the entire World with Lidar

Lidar photo

An archaeologist planned to broad the technology, using aircraft-mounted Lidar to scan the entire World.

Lidar is a technology, that is being used by Ocean Scientists at NOAA, that can map out area with details, and the ability to see through walls, trees, and other obstacles.

Chris Fisher who was working in Central America on an archaeological project, kept on wondering what the Legacy of changing wilderness across the globe would be, which led him to create the Earth Archive. According to report from New Technology, they stated;

Fisher wants to use the pulsed laser detection technique known as Lidar to document the entire planet with a level of detail never realized before.

The fact that Lidar helped Fisher when it was first used in 2009, Steve Leisz and Fisher want to take the technology global. Fisher said in his TadX Talk “The climate crisis threatens to destroy our cultural and ecological patrimony within decades, how can we document everything before it’s too late?

The plan on carrying out the mission of the Earth Archive, Fisher said, the project is starting with the Amazon. And he also said, “we believe we can scan for $15 million, if people are interested, they can tell their friends and neighbors, they can support science generally, and they can pressure their representatives to move forward with solutions to the climate crisis. They can also visit and leave a donation or lend support. Right now, the Earth Archive is corporate and government-neutral, so we depend on the kindness of donations to get our work done.”

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This project will be a great Archive for the future generations, as we all know 50% of the world’s rainforests have already been lost, rising sea levels threaten to render cities, and 18 million acres of forest is destroyed every year.

Watch Fisher talking about the Earth Archive.

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