The top 4 free web hosting companies

Free web hosting companies

Do you need a free web hosting? Sure everybody likes freebies in like manner I myself. For what reason would you need to have a website with a free web hosting company? However, there are loads of motivations to pick free web hosting request than paid hosting.

In this article am going to show you the main 4 free web hosting companies to have your website for free without spending a dime. The uplifting news here is that, they are thoroughly free forever, that sounds incredible right?

There are additionally advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a free web hosting companies. I will plot hardly any ones in this article, on my next Post am going to look at free web hosting companies versus paid web hosting companies so stay tuned or you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the entirety of our new post directly in your inbox.

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For what reason do individuals pick free web hosting companies

Essentially, not every person is equipped for paying web hosting billings. As some have low spending plans, additionally, free web hosting is a decent choice for testing purpose for the most beginners who just began their web venture.

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At the present time am going to show you the best 5 free web hosting companies where you can have your website up and running totally for free.

Listof the Top 4 free web hosting companies

Infinityfree home page

Infinityfree is on our first list here. Infinityfree is an infasnet supported supplier, it’s one of the most mainstream free web hosting organization, they are fiercely know due to their remarkable features. On the off chance that you are searching for a decent free web hosting, infinityfree is a decent alternative for you.

Infinityfree features

Utilizing infinityfree you will get some delicious features as they have assortment of administrations to render.

Apps 400+
Bandwidth Unlimited
Diskspace Unlimite
Email 10
websites Unlimited
Mysql database 400
Traffic Unlimited

Infinityfree limitations

CPU use limit, 50,000 hits for every day, limit inodes usage.

Infinityfree has parts noteworthy features that gives nearly what you can get from a paid hosting, yet notice they have a few limitations. Visit infinityfree

Awardspace home page
awardspace home page

Awardspace is another driving free web hosting company that additionally glad itself in the business.

Awardspace has been around since 2003 and they are improving exceptionally quicker with loads of features that will transform your fantasies without hesitation, Awardspace has powered more than 2,500,000 website in the course of recent years. Awardspace gives a toll free web hosting however you can get more features when you move up to their paid plans.

Awardspace features

Apps WordPress and joomla
MySQL storage 30MB
Diskspace 1GB SSD
Email Accounts 1
Websites 1
Mysql database 1
Traffic 5GB

Visit Awardspace

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Awardspace restrictions

Only one MySQL database, content filter

OOOwebhost home page

OOOwebhost is free hosting company that likewise makes it quicker to have your website for free, beginning with a free web hosting, OOOwebhost has every one of the features to totally get your website fully operational with only few clicks.

OOOwebhost features

Subdomain, 10GB data transmission, 5GB diskspace, 1 website

Apps wordpress
Bandwidth 10GB
Diskspace 1000MB
Email No
Websites 2
Mysql and php Yes
Domain Free

Visit 000webhost

Google sites offer an extremely slick and simple simplified website developer with well disposed (UI) Google webpage has fueled more than 70,000 websites. Google sites has been around since 2008, you will get a free subdomain and a SSL testament.

Google sites home page
Google sites

Google sites features

Price Free
Api Yes
Third-party intergration Yes
Domain Free

Visite Google sites


These are the top 4 free Web hosting Companies to host your website for free. Though free web hosting are not good option if you are planning to earn alot from your website, on my next Post am going to discuss much on that.

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