What are wordpress themes?


On my last post, I talk about the three dangerous mistakes you should avoid when using WordPress. Before you start using wordpress, I would advise you learn a little or more about how wordpress works. Though, wordpress is an easy CMS but, you have to know more about it. Here in Blizywap wordpress guides (WP GUIDES) we will walk you round all the steps you need to manage your WordPress sites.

When you think about wordpress themes or templates, you are referring to the looks and feels (design) of your WordPress site.

What are wordpress themes?

A wordpress theme or template is a customized design that beautifies your WordPress website. WordPress themes makes your website easy to navigate with an attractive interface.

Every WordPress theme has it’s own unique design and flexibility. Some wordpress themes are well optimized and compatible for seo, which means a well optimized theme can improve your seo rankings.

All wordpress sites needs a wordpress theme, there are thousands of wordpress themes to choose from.

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Are wordpress themes free

WordPress themes comes with a wide range of options, both free and paid themes. They are classified as freemium and premium wordpress themes.

Differences between freemium wordpress themes and Premium wordpress themes

  • Freemium wordpress themes: Free wordpress themes are referred to as freemium themes, they are themes with restricted access. They are good options for starters because they’re free to use.

There are thousands of free wordpress themes to choose from, although, they have the good qualities to make your website more responsive.

Actually, some free themes has restricted access, such as low customizable options and other restrictions. If you are looking for quality designs and full customizable options, free themes might not be the option for you. On my next post, am going to share the complete difference between freemium and premium wordpress themes so stay updated.

  • Premium wordpress themes: Premium wordpress themes are flexible and all time responsive depending on the niche you’re running on. Premium wordpress themes are paid themes that has extra functionalities unlike the freemium themes. Free themes might be good for testing purposes, as most free themes has an option for you to upgrade to the premium version.

By now am sure you know what wordpress themes are, you should find out the best theme with responsive designs that suites your needs.

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