Why Nigeria hosting companies are loosing clients to the U.S

Nigeria web hosting companies
Why Nigeria web hosting companies are loosing clients to the U.S

Over the past few years, hosting companies in Nigeria are increasing in great numbers, web hosting companies in Nigeria are constantly loosing their clients to other foreign countries mostly in the U.S.

Several reports are coming from clients over slow servers, low rate of support etc. Though, most of the hosting companies in Nigeria are resellers. Sometime ago, I met with a good friend of mine and I decided to figure out some points from him by asking some him questions about the hosting companies in Nigeria.

He made it clear that, he didn’t just decide not to host his sites on hosting companies in Nigeria, he also stated;

When I hosted my sites in Nigeria web hosting, I severally got my site down, support are slow and sometimes they provide unrelated answers. Even I move my site from one hosting to another, I can testify they are all the same.

Other reasons Nigeria hosting are loosing their clients

But having this stated, there are other opinions that also mislead clients from hosting providers in Nigeria.

Due to my own personal research, I discovered most bloggers in Nigeria and outside Nigeria are writing against hosting companies in Nigeria.

I came across an article about the best hosting companies in Nigeria and decided to read it, to my greatest surprise the introduction of the article started with the disadvantages of using Nigeria web hosting. I mean any web starter who wants to host their websites will never locate hosting companies in Nigeria after reading the article.

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Sincerely speaking, most of the top sites in Nigeria are hosted in other foreign countries, popular sites like Jumia, Nairaland forum, jiji and other top websites.

Over 83% websites in Nigeria are hosted in other countries mostly the U.S.

This article is not to advise anyone to host their sites on Nigeria hosting providers nor anywhere else. It’s a notice for Nigeria hosting companies that are recurring loosing their clients, and how they can look for ways to improve their services, and how to deal with customer support service.

I will like to hear your opinion on this topic, kindly leave a comment below.


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