Will QbeeChat stand the chance to override whatsapp and Telegram?


Initially we will talk about regarding why we need to compare QbeeChat application and WhatsApp and Telegram messaging app.

As we as a whole know WhatsApp and Telegram are exceptionally well known messaging app we use to talk with our loved ones, creation of calls and parcel more. Nigeria messaging application which is known as QbeeChat is quickly developing throughout the years now.

QbeeChat was created in 2006 by some Nigeria students in the university of Jos, this application has practically all the functions of telegram and that of WhatsApp. In the early arrival of the QbeeChat application, there was a significant inclining audits about the application that it appears to be indistinguishable with Telegram.

Though it is true, because when you launch the app, it contains practically all Telegram functions, even the check procedure diverts you to the Telegram application.

So what’s your opinion about the application acting like Telegram messaging application?

Because of more research and surveys about the application, the co-founder of the QbeeChat app  Abel Alabi Abubakar at long last uncovered why the application seems as though Telegram messaging application. As per him he expressed that:

QbeeChat is a messaging application, which was first worked under the Telegram API and was made to help occupy the missing space in social interactionAbel Alabi Abubakar

With this am certain you may have know the motivation behind why the application looks like Telegram, beside that, the QbeeChat has different functions that is truly transforming the application into a simple UI including secret chat feature and so forth.

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The new update of QbeeChat

Qbeechst app

In the present version of QbeeChat Which is version 2.0 truly makes the application spike functionalities with the capacity to follow (like Twitter), share stories that keep going for 24 hours (like WhatsApp status), web based life profiles intergration and so forth.

The elevating part is that QbeeChat never again run on the Telegram API, however this most recent version doesn’t have a bigger number of functionalities than the past one. In any case, it’s a decent beginning as they are presently working on the improvement.

Looking at both QbeeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram is truly going to stand an extraordinary discussion that will go viral among social media app users. Need to test the QbeeChat application? You can download it from here.

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